Siri Chemicals (located in Hyderabad, India) is a manufacturer of Zinc Oxide (White Seal). We market our product under SIRI brand.

Zinc Oxide is mainly useful in rubber, ceramics, glass, paints, and poultry industries.

      Zinc has been known in India since long time.In the Ayurvedic treatise this metal has been named       Yashada.Zinc does not occur free in nature, but occures in combined state in the form of ore.

Symbol: Zn; Atomic Number (Z): 30; Atomic Weight (A): 65.38; Electronic configuration (Ar): 3d104s2

From Zinc, Zinc Oxide is manufactured. 2Zn+O2→ 2ZnO

     Zinc Oxide is generally manufactured in three grades:

   The grades vary according to degree of whiteness, bulk density and fineness.

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